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Export Webmaster Tools Data Directly to Google Spreadsheet

In a recent update to Webmaster Tools, Google has added a new “download to Google Spreadsheet” option. This new feature allows you to export your data directly to Google Drive as a spreadsheet. From there you can easily synchronize it to your computer or share it with anyone you want.

To access this option, head over to a report page such as Search queries or Crawl errors, and click on the download button. You are then presented with the “Select Download Format” dialog box. Here choose Google Docs, and click OK.

Your data is now saved into a Spreadsheet on Google Drive, and then the newly created file is opened in a new browser tab.

Choosing the “CSV” option initiates a download of the data in CSV format to your computer, which can then be imported into spreadsheet tools like Excel or Calc for further analyzing. However, using the Google Spreadsheet format you can instantly do all the analyzing work right inside your web browser without the additional work. Furthermore, using the chart tools, you can even create customized charts for tracking longer term trends impacting your site.

There are other ways to download Webmaster Tools data using Python scripts and API as well, but non-programmer users may not find those methods comfortable to use. Also, if you store all your files in the cloud, this gives you a unified tool to store, view and analyze your website reports. All-in-all a welcome addition.

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