Directly Upload Videos from Google Drive to YouTube

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If you have started using Google Drive as a cloud based data storage solution then you might have uploaded photos and videos on it. While you can easily share your uploaded photos from Drive to Google+, no such option is provided to share videos directly to YouTube. However, there is a little work around that works by using YouTube mobile upload facility.

Here are the steps to set it up:

1. Sign in to YouTube
2. Go to your YouTube account setting page:
3. Under Account Information you will find your unique mobile upload email address . Copy it.

YouTube Upload Email4. Now head over to Drive and select the video that you want to upload to YouTube.
5. With the video selected, click on More (or right-click) > Share > Email as attachment.
6. In the To field fill in your YouTube email address and hit Send. Other fields are optional as you can add information to the videos once it’s uploaded on YouTube.

That’s it! Your videos should be live on YouTube. You can share it from there to where you want.

Although this method works quicker than manual upload, there is a big limitation – file size restriction. As the maximum file size of an email attachment is only 25MB, you cannot upload videos larger than this size. If you are videos are smaller than 25MB, this would save you from multiple uploads.