Disguise Twitter as an Excel Spreadsheet

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Spreadtweet is an easy-to-use Twitter client that disguises itself as an Excel spreadsheet.

Spreadtweet has three versions that mimic as Office 2003, Office 2007 and, for Apple computers, Office 2008. As it’s built on Adobe Air you can run any version on any PC or Mac. And if you don’t want to install anything there’s also a web app available that has an Office 2008 look.

As for look of the app, no avatars are displayed. Everything is arranged neatly in plain text. It fits each tweet onto one fake row of Excel. You can easily see each tweet detail like username, tweet and time of post. It’s also possible to do a search and to send and receive Direct Messages.

On the first startup Spreadtweet will prompt for your Twitter username and password, once entered it will populate a fake spreadsheet with the latest tweets from those whom you follow. As for the web app you don’t need to enter the password but connect it using Twitter oAuth.

If you are trying to hide your Twitter activity from co-workers, this is the perfect application but it’s of no use if twitter is banned at your work place as it will still show up in log files.

Download: Spreadtweet | Adobe AirVisit: Spreadtweet Web App