Schedule Photo Uploads to Flickr with Flickr Schedulr

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Flickr Schedulr is a free Windows desktop application that lets you queue and automatically upload photos to Flickr based on a schedule.

While scheduling, you can set the pictures titles, descriptions, tags, and the photoset and groups into which they should be saved.


  • Easily maintain a queue of pictures to be uploaded to Flickr.
  • Edit the title, description and tags for each picture, as well as the visibility, content type and license, and set the photosets and groups to which it must be added.
  • Automatically retrieves the title, description and tags from the picture when it is added to the queue.
  • Warns you if there are pictures in your queue that are larger than the maximum file size you are allowed to upload.
  • Pictures can be placed in batches to be uploaded together.
  • Drag and drop pictures onto the queue from Windows Explorer.
  • Multiple Flickr accounts are supported, you’re not limited to just one user account.
  • A Windows scheduled task can easily be created to define and maintain the upload schedule.
  • Can be run from the command line with the “/upload /account:name” switch to upload the next picture in the queue.
  • Keeps a history of all pictures that have been uploaded.
  • Shows you all your important account information, e.g. your remaining upload quota.
  • Import and export the configuration to a file (e.g. for backup and restore).

When you first launch Flickr Schedulr, you’ll need to give it access to your Flickr account.

Download: Flickr Schedulr