Schedule Mails in Gmail

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Scheduling mails is one extremely useful feature that’s currently missing from Gmail. Thanks to a company called Baydin we can have this feature in Gmail now. They have developed a plugin for Chrome (extension for Firefox) called Boomerang for Gmail that directly integrates into your Gmail interface and gives you features to schedule your emails.

To schedule any mail, compose it as you always do and instead of hitting Send, click on the new button “Send Later“. Here, you can set the time when you want the mail to be sent.

If you want to set a specific time, just choose the option “At a specified time” and this box will come up.

Enter the exact date and time you want the email to be sent.

You can even reply to a mail at a scheduled time.

Boomerang for Gmail is currently in public beta, so you would need an invite before you get to try it. You can sign-up for beta here.

You can watch a demo of Boomerang for Gmail below: