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Follow Your World: Know When Google Earth Updates in Your Area

Follow Your World is an app from Google which will let you know when a selected area’s image is updated on Google Earth and Google Maps.
Follow Your World

Subscribe to a Location on Follow Your World

Follow the following steps to subscribe to a specific location:
Step 1: Visit Follow Your World page and login with your Google ID.
Step 2: Find a location of your interest by entering its exact address, city, state, or the name of the country. If you know the exact latitude/longitude of the location, you can enter that as well.
Step 3: Then drag the map to center the cross-hairs on the exact point that you would like to mark, and hit Select Point to auto-generate and fill the form with the correct latitude and longitude.
Step 4: Finally, click on Submit to activate your subscription.

That’s it! Your selection will now be constantly monitored, and you will be alerted when the area’s aerial imagery gets updated by Google.

View, Unsubscribe or Delete email notifications

You can view all your subscribtions by going to the app’s dashboard. On the page you can also know the last time a notification was sent.

To temporarily stop email notification for a particular point, just click on the Unsubscribe link next to the point. If you would like to remove the point entirely from your dashboard, just click Delete. Do note that to delete a point you have to unsubscribe it first.

Google does not provide a specific timeline on when an area gets updated on Google Earth and Google Map, so this is a great way to know first hand when the area of your interest is updated. Visit the following link to select and subscribe to a location now.

Visit: Follow Your World | via labnol

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