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Disable, Delay Automatic Google Chrome Updates on Windows, Mac & Linux

Google Chrome

Google Chrome has a functionality to automatically update to the latest version. Unless you are using the stable version, updates are rolled out quite frequently. The new version may not always have a new feature, and but possibly have some security or stability issues.

If you wish to prevent Google Chrome Browser from updating automatically, here’s how to do it on Windows, Mac and Linux.


There are two ways to disable automatic updates on Windows, using Group Policy Editor or Registry Editor.

Group Policy Editor

  1. Download Google Update Administrative Template.
  2. Launch Group Policy Editor (Start > Run: gpedit.msc)
  3. Navigate to Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates
  4. Right-click on Administrative Templates, and select Add/Remove Templates
  5. Now add the downloaded GoogleUpdate.adm template.
  6. Once complete, navigate to Administrative Templates > Google > Google Update > Preferences.
  7. There modify the Auto-update check period override property.

Registry Editor

Disable Google Chrome Automatic Updates:
Open Registry Editor(Start > Run: regedit)and navigate to:


In the right pane, add a new DWORD value DisableAutoUpdateChecksCheckboxValue and set it to 1 to disable automatic updates. If later you wish to re-enable updates, change the value to 0.

Change Update Check Frequency:
Add a new DWORD value AutoUpdateCheckPeriodMinutes and set to desired minutes. Ex. to check for update once a day set 1440 or for once a week set 10080 minutes.

Mac OS

Enable\Disable Google Chrome Automatic Updates
To disable updates, enter the following command in the Terminal application:

$ defaults write checkInterval 1

To re-enable updates, enter the following command:

$ defaults write checkInterval 0

Terminal “defaults write checkInterval 0” is executed (one automatic updates enabled, specify the interval in seconds.)

Change Update Check Frequency

Check for updates once a day:
$ defaults write checkInterval 86400

Here the frequency is in seconds, so for once a week enter the same command with value as 604800.


Don’t click on notifications asking for automatic updates in the standard package management system.

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