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Remove GeoTag From Your Photos

Most new smartphones and some cameras made today are equipped with Geotagging feature. Geotagging basically allows the photo to be tagged to the exact location where it was clicked. Geotags are imbedded in every picture that you take from such devices. Therefore, sharing such photos online not only gives predators your information but also the exact location where the photo was taken. It is always recommended to remove the geotags from your photos before sharing them online.

Geotag Security is a great application that goes through all of your clicked pictures and removes the geotags metadata from them.

To remove geotags, launch the application and browse to the folder where the images are residing and click Start.

On the next step you will find all scanned files, jpeg files, files with secure geotags found, and files with non-secure getags found and secured.

Click Next and you will find a log of files processed.

Finally in the last step, you can also ask Geotag Securty to monitor folders for new photos. Whenever you add photos to that folder it will automatically scan and remove all geotags data from them. This is a premium feature.

Geotag Security removes all Geotags without modifying any of your other metadata information. Please note that once all geotags are removed, they cannot be recovered back.

Download: GeoTag Security [2.2Mb]

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