Remove Splash Screens, Advertisements from PC Games

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Almost all games have intro movies and splash screens, they can be skipped by hitting the Escape key or any other key, but there are some games where the developers doesn’t allow skipping of these videos. If you are annoyed by this then GNag is for you.

GNag is a small opensource portable app designed to remove pesky splash screens, forced intro movies and advertisements that are displayed by PC games and other installable applications without cracking / reverse engineering the executable.

On start the following screen is shown. Games are automatically detected.

There are two options given, Block and Unblock. Select the game from the list and hit Block to remove all intro and splash screens. You can always Unlock it later, if needed.

It supports a number of Games with all undetected applications listed under the Scan tab. There are also options to perform a full system-wide scan and scanning a selected directory for games.

The Defination Editor is not for beginners and novice users since it can mess up your registry. Advanced users can add custom definitions from this tab.

GNag works on all versions of Windows.

Download: GNag