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Completely Uninstall Samsung Kies Software

Samsung Kies is a software suite that makes it easier for you to synchronize data, find new apps, take backups, upgrade firmware and more for your Samsung phone by connecting it to your PC.

Now, if you are having any trouble while uninstalling the software for reinstalling a new version or if you just want to remove it from your PC then here’s a solution offered by Samsung itself.

Samsung has released a small uninstall utility for Kies. With this utility you will be able to completely remove/uninstall Kies from your Windows PC. Simply download it from the link below, extract and run the “UninstallKies.exe” file. After completing the uninstall process, you will get a “Done” message. That’s it!

Update: Samsung has deleted UninstallKies from its server, fortunately I had a copy saved.

Alternate download:

I haven’t tested the uninstaller with latest Kies version, however, it should work perfectly with old ones.
Also, check out this comment thread below for other solutions. Got positive feedback on it.

Download: Kies Uninstaller

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