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Add Cut, Copy, Paste & More Buttons to Windows 7 Explorer Toolbar with CustomExplorerToolbar

CustomExplorerToolbar is a free portable system utility, from nirsoft, that allows you to customize the Windows 7 Explorer toolbar by adding useful buttons like Cut, Copy, Paste, and more, that existed in Windows XP but went missing from Windows Vista.

CustomExplorerToolbar Buttons

CustomExplorerToolbar makes it pretty simple to add new buttons. Simply run the app, select buttons you wish to add from the ‘Buttons List,’ and click on ‘Do It!.’ To see the changes just refresh the Explorer window.

CustomExplorerToolbar Interface

Windows 7 has different types of view and button settings for various folder types – Generic, Documents, Music, Pictures, etc. This app takes advantage of that and lets you add only those buttons you want for a particular folder type. For example, you may want a ‘Slide show’ button for a folder containing images, but it is useless in a folder that contains only music. So using this app, you can add the ‘Slide show’ button only to folders customized for pictures. You can choose a folder type to add the button to before making the changes.

To remove a button you added, follow the same procedure you followed earlier for adding a button, but this time choose “Remove the specified toolbar buttons” option for Action.

CustomExplorerToolbar works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7.

Download: CustomExplorerToolbar [144.30 Kb]

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