Move Minimize, Maximize & Close Buttons to The Left in Ubuntu

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In an earlier post I told you how to Move Minimize, Maximize & Close Buttons to The Left of a Window in Windows, the same can be achieved in Ubuntu. In Windows you needed an application to the trick but in Ubuntu you can do it yourself.

The following screenshot shows the regular window which has all these three buttons on the right side.

Edit the Gnome configuration by launching the gconf-editor. To launch the gconf-editor, press Alt + F2, then type gconf-editor and hit Enter.

Here, navigate to the apps > metacity > general option in the left side window and then locate the button_layout option in the right side main window. Double click this option and set its value to close,maximize,minimize:menu .

That’s it, now you will notice that these three buttons appear on the left side of the Ubuntu Window.