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Customize Facebook Homepage with Background Image

Facebook keeps on making changes all over the site, but it rarely does anything on it’s homepage. So, if you are tired of seeing the same old page every time you login, then here is Facebook Refresh.

Facebook Refresh is a Google Chrome extension which allows you to set any image as your Facebook homepage background. It gives you a feature similar to Google for it’s homepage, but only it’s not from Facebook.

After installing the extension, go to Facebook and you will see a page like the one above. You need to log out first, if you are signed in. Now, to customize the page with the image you want, edit the extension’s properties.

To do that, enter chrome://extensions/ in the Omnibar and find Facebook Refresh. Click on it’s Options and a new tab opens like this:

Enter the URL of your image and hit Save.

That’s it!

The extension cannot use images from your desktop because of restriction imposed by Chrome. So, you need to upload the image somewhere online.

Download: Facebook Refresh

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