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Delete Individual or All Facebook Messages in a Single Click

Facebook doesn’t like users deleting messages? Don’t believe me? Go on, try deleting one. Users have to go through a minimum of 5 steps to simply delete a message. More, if they want to delete multiple messages.

In the message thread view, Facebook provides users with only two options: Mark as Read/Unread and Archive, no delete option here. If you wanted to permanently delete a message, you have to open it first, click on the Action button, select Delete Messages from the dropdown list, then you have to choose a message by checking its corresponding box. After all this when you hit delete, you again get a dialog asking you to confirm your actions. Seriously, who does all this unknowingly? If you want a simpler way, give Facebook Fast Delete Messages a try.

Facebook Fast Delete Messages is a Chrome extension that simplifies Facebook message deletion task to a simple one-click process. Once you install it, you will see two new options in Messages: Delete All button and a small red ‘x’ to delete individual message.

 Now to delete a message, you just have to click on the red ‘x’ next to the Archive option. For mass deleting all messages, simply hit the Delete All button on top. Select this option with care as you are not asked for a confirmation to perform the action.

Facebook Fast Delete Messages is not an extension that you would need on a daily basis, but is a handy one to have on occasional cleanups. It works wherever Chrome does.

Download: Facebook Fast Delete Messages