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Edit Default Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts, or Create Custom Ones

Shortcut Manager
Shortcut Manager for Chrome

Shortcut Manager is a free extension for Google Chrome that lets you edit the browser’s default keyboard shortcuts, and create new ones that performs various browser operations (as seen in image on right), and execute bookmarklet code or JavaScript.

Once installed, Shortcut Manager adds an icon to the toolbar which, when clicked, shows all currently active hotkeys. From here, you can also access the advanced configuration page, that gives the options to create and edit shortcuts.

A great feature of this tool is the possibility to assign site-specific hotkeys — meaning a certain hotkey would do something on one site, and something else (or nothing at all) on another site.

While selecting a hotkey combination, Shortcut Manager’s shortcut builder even warns you if the key combination already exists, or if it will have some undesired effect.

Finally, the extension also provides an option to export and import all your hard worked customization settings on another computer.

If you love keyboard shortcuts, this is one extension you can’t miss out on. Hit the link below to get it now.

Install: Shortcut Manager

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