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FeedStore: Offline Feed Reader for Google Chrome

MagicCube FeedStore for Google Reader is a Google Chrome extension that offers offline reading of feeds in the browser.

After installing, FeedStore will synchronize with Google Reader and download all new feeds to local storage. This enables you to read feeds even when you are disconnected from the internet. When a new feed arrives, it is indicated with the icon in the browser actions area. It also shows you the total number of unread feed items.

The interface of FeedStore resembles Google Reader, so you won’t have much trouble using it and some of the keyboard shortcuts like j/k for next/previous works as well.

In the preference section, you can customize the reading interface of FeedStore by selecting fonts and changing the type size and line spacing.

Here, you can also set the interval at which FeedStore checks for new feeds and how long you want to keep the feeds in the reader until they are deleted among other options.

FeedStore lacks many of the features that Google Reader offers but it also offers features like offline reading, ability to customize and a beautiful interface which almost makes up for what it lacks. And considering it’s still Version: 0.1 we can expect many more features in the future.

Download: MagicCube FeedStore for Google Reader

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