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Get Breadcrumb Navigation on any Site with Breadcrumb Navigator

Breadcrumb navigation shows the visitor’s of a website path to their current location. This type of navigation also provides users with a quick way to access any page they have already navigated through on a site. But if Breadcrumb navigation is not implemented on a site you are visiting, you can still get it using an extension called Breadcrumb Navigator.

Breadcrumb Navigator is an extension for Chrome that allows users to navigate any website in a breadcrumb-like way.

To access breadcrumbs, just click on Breadcrumb Navigation icon seen in the omnibar and a menu will drop down. Using this you can easily jump pages without having to manually go through each level.

There are two navigational style you can choose from: breadcrumb style (as seen above) or folder style (as below).

The extension allows navigation on subdomain level, path level and also a combination of both.

Download: Breadcrumb Navigator

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