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Google Chrome Frame Non-Admin Offline Installer

Chrome Frame LogoGoogle Chrome Frame is a plug-in for Internet Explorer which brings the new HTML5 and rich web apps to all IE versions, starting IE6. Earlier, a user required admin rights to install this plugin on their computer, which may not be always available. Now, after months of testing, Google has released a new version of Chrome Frame to the stable channel that doesn’t need admin rights to install.

On the regular Chrome Frame download page, Google provides only the small web installer, which is a problem if you are looking to install it on a computer with no internet access or if you want to install Chrome Frame on many computers. If you are a regular reader of SumTips, you would be knowing that I provide direct download links to the latest version of Chrome browser for Dev, Beta and Stable channel here. Now in addition to that, I am also adding the link to the standalone installer of Chrome Frame stable channel. You can access any of those links by going to the SumTips downloads page.

The standalone installer bundles together both the full version of Google Chrome Frame as well as the Google Update service used to keep Chrome Frame up-to-date. Thus it’s a one-time download for you. Also note that this is a silent installer, so you would not see a UI when run.

If you already have the developer or beta channel version installed, you’ll need to uninstall it before installing this stable channel version.

Below download link will always have the latest stable version of Chrome Frame.

Download: Google Chrome Frame