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Change Display Language on Windows 7 Starter, Home Premium & Professional

By default only Windows 7 Ultimate and Enterprise editions allow users to change the system display language. Ability to install different language packs is not available on Windows 7 Starter, Home Premium and Professional editions. A solution to this limitation is to upgrade your operating system to one of the top of the line editions, or simply use the freeware Vistalizator.

Vistalizator is a portable tool that overrides the Windows MUI language installation protection and gives users of all Windows editions the ability to install and use multiple languages.

Do to take a backup of your operating system before starting the process so that you can perform a system restore in case anything goes wrong.

Changing Display Language

On startup Vistalizator displays current installed languages, their type and the mode.

To install a new language pack, just click on the Add languages button and select a MUI pack. Official direct download links to various Windows MUI language packs are provided on the program’s download page (link at the end of post). Download the pack you want and choose it from the program’s interface to install.

The program has two installation modes: internal and express.

Once the pack is installed, click on Change language, with the new pack selected, to switch to it. Exit program after this and restart your system to see the changes.

To uninstall a language pack, start the program and click on the Remove language button.

Vistalizator is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows Vista and Windows 7. It also works with the latest Service Packs installed.

Download: Vistalizator

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