Create Your Own Windows Transformation Pack with Skin Pack Installer System

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There are many transformation packs available that allows users to customize the look and feel of their Windows OS. Now there’s a new app in the market – Skin Pack Installer System – that will allow you to create your own Windows Transformation Pack or Skin Pack without even writing a single line of code.

Skin Pack Installer System
Skin Pack Installer System

It’s quite easy to create a transformation pack using Skin Pack Installer System. All you need to do is drag-and-drop the files you wish to customize. Simply click on the button dedicated to the file you want to customize in the application interface, then replace the existing file in the newly opened folder with your version, and finally click on “Create Setup” button to create your pack. You can replace most of the system files and even set a custom default Windows theme which includes wallpaper, cursor, media files, etc using this app.

There are several other tools like Resource Hacker, Resource Extractor, Renamer, Convert PNG to BMP, etc as well included to enhance your experience in editing system files in Windows.

Right now Skin Pack Installer System is compatible only with 32-bit version of Windows Vista and 7. Developer has planned support for the 64-bit version pretty soon and even Windows XP in the coming month.

Download: Skin Pack Installer System

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