Add Thumbnail Support for 162 Image formats in Explorer with SageThumbs

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Windows operating system, be default, can display thumbnail preview of only a few popular image formats such as PNG, JPG or GIF in Explorer. By installing a program called SageThumbs you can extend explorer’s image support for many more formats, to be precise – 162 image formats covering 224 extensions. The program gets this enormous ability using the Pierre-e Gougelet’s GFL library from XnView.

SageThumbs Image Preview
SageThumbs Image Preview

After installing SageThumbs, it would be possible to view thumbnail of image formats like PSD, NEF and other rare fomats right inside Windows Explorer.

The software also adds a new entry to the Windows context menu that offers several handy features. From here you can set an image as wallpaper with options to stretch, tile or center, send the image or the thumbnail by email, or convert the image to JPG, GIF or BMP format.

SageThumbs Context Menu Options
SageThumbs Context Menu Options

From the program options, you can enable or disable support for one or more file types. This can be helpful if you have another program already offering preview for an image format. Other options include to remove the context menu option, change context-menu preview size, enable/disable Windows thumbnail cache, clear thumbnail cache, change program language, etc.

All-in-all a useful application if you deal with many image formats, or if you just want to extend Windows feature support.

SageThumbs does not have an executable file, it works by directly integrating into Explorer process. To remove it, you can use the standard Windows “Add or remove program feature”.

SageThumbs is an opensource application. Download for 32-bit and 64-bit editions of the program are available at the project’s Google Code page.

Download: SageThumbs