Better Reading Experience in Google Reader with 3 Column Reader

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3 Column Reader is a browser extension that enhances your reading experience in Google Reader by turning its classic look into a beautiful, three-column layout.

3 Column Reader
3 Column Reader

The three-column layout blends nicely with the original design and is perfect for widescreen monitors. All your subscriptions and folders are listed on the left, a mid panel displays the feeds’ title and excerpts, and the full articles with images are displayed on the right. This tidies things up and ensures better overview of articles in my opinion. You can hide the feed list (right panel) by pressing ‘u’ key or by hitting the small arrow in the mid panel.

The extension retains most of Google Reader’s functionalities, such as buttons to share items or to mark them as favorite,  menus to sort articles, and even the shortcuts work.

3 Column Reader is available for Google Chrome and Safari, and it has also been ported to Firefox as a Userstyle sheet. Stylish add-on is required for Firefox.

Install 3 Column Reader: Chrome and Safari | Firefox (Stylish)