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Completely Uninstall Ask Toolbar

Ask Toolbar is often installed along with other software, which can be irritable. The toolbar is also known to increase web browser loading times, and memory use. Furthermore, the Ask toolbar installer often sets the homepage to and forces you to make it the default search provider!

It’s difficult to get rid of it using Windows default Add/Remove feature. AutoClean have created a program called the Ask Toolbar Remover that has been designed specifically to remove every last trace of the entries of the Ask Toolbar.

The Ask Toolbar Remover works for the 4.0.x series, 4.1.x series, and OEM 1000 series ASK Toolbars.

It follows the following steps for each toolbar:

Ask Toolbar Remover is a portable app and weighs only 285 KB! It works with both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Download: Ask Toolbar Remover