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Create, Manage Google Chrome Profiles

Google Chrome offers an option using which one can work with different profiles. This can be helpful when multiple users use the web browser or if one user wants to use profiles for different tasks.

Each profile uses its own data directory meaning that users can configure the web browser the way they want it to look like. This includes themes, extensions and also configuration settings, bookmarks and the browser history.

It is unfortunately not that easy to create Google Chrome profiles. Users who want to create a profile need to open the Chrome User Data folder. There they find the Default profile. They then need to create a copy of that Default profile, rename it and place it in the same User Data directory.

That’s the new user profile. The new profile can then be run by creating a shortcut on the computer desktop that points to it: chrome.exe –user-data-dir="..\User Data\newProfile"

This procedure is not very handy. A far better way of creating and using Google Chrome profiles is offered by the free software program Google Chrome Backup.

It has been mainly designed as a backup software but it comes with the functionality to create and manage user profiles in Chrome.

Now using this tool, you can backup and restore profiles, create multiple profiles, delete a profile at one go. It has a nice and simple user interface and is quite easy to use.

Download: Google Chrome Backup

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