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Get Google Analytics on Your Desktop with Polaris

Google Analytics let’s you keep track of your website visitors, pageviews, search keywords and more. To view these details, you needed a browser but now with an app called Polaris, you can get it all on your desktop in an attractive and widget-style look.

Polaris is an Adobe Air application that gives you quick access to your Google Analytics data from your desktop. It’s fast, easy to use, and has a nice interface.

After installation, you need to provide Polaris with your Analytics login and password in order to connect to your account. And while it doesn’t show you any data that you couldn’t find by logging into your Google Analytics account, Polaris does make your data easier to read at a glance.

The program features attractive graphs, charts, and animations. You can use it to check your visitor numbers, traffic sources, referring sites, top content, top keywords, and other information.

Polaris is a free app and works on Windows, Mac and Linux as it’s based on Adobe Air.

Download: Polaris | Adobe Air

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