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Search and Replace Text Across Multiple Documents with grepWin

grepWin is a simple lightweight utility that gives you the ability to use regular expressions to search through multiple files, and make text replacements based on your query.

grepWin offers a number of options to tailor your search, including case-sensitive searches, creating backup for modified files, and treating files as UTF8. You can also save frequently used regular expressions to a preset list for reuse.

To get better result, you can limit the search to files of a particular size or name pattern, and include or exclude system items, hidden items, subfolders and/or binary files. You can also exclude directories based on another regex.

The results pane has a toggle option to either show you the list of files or the actual content match and line number for every file that matched your search pattern.

All in all, grepWin is a solid, fast and easy to use tool for Windows. The next time you need to do a multi-file search and/or replace, check it out.

grepWin works on all Windows versions and supports both 32-bit and 64-bit.

Download: grepWin

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