Run Multiple Skype Accounts Simultaneously on Windows With Multi Skype Launcher

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Multi Skype Launcher is a free tool that allows you to run multiple Skype instances simultaneously on a Windows PC. This application is handy for those users who have separate Skype accounts for various purposes. For example, if you use one account for all your professional purposes, and another for interaction with your friends and family.

Once installed, you will see a simple home screen (as below image) that will list all your different Skype accounts. To add an account, click on the “Add” button and enter your Skype account credentials. You can add all your account at once, or separately at another time. You can also edit/delete any account after they’ve been added.

MultiSkype Launcher Interface
MultiSkype Launcher

While you’re were adding accounts, you may have noticed an “Auto Login” option that automatically logs you in when the computer starts. If you’ve enabled that, it is recommended that disable this option in Skype. To do that, just open your Skype window, click Tools > Options and remove the tick from “Start Skype when I start Windows” check-box. This will allow Multi Skype Launcher to handle all of your Skype login activity automatically for you.

To run an account with Multi Skype Launcher, just highlight it and click the Launch button. For another account, repeat the same.

That’s it! You can add and launch as many accounts as you have, or your system can handle.

MultiSkype launcher does not require any advanced settings and works perfectly with Windows XP and better.

Download: MultiSkype launcher