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Disable New Facebook 'Theater Mode' Photo Viewer

Few days ago Facebook rolled out a new photo viewer based on light box, named ‘Theatre mode,’ to enhance the photo viewing experience of users.

Now, if you didn’t find this an attractive change, here’s an easy way to disable this and get back the old photo viewer.

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox users only need to install the facebook Photo Theater Killer userscript, and the photos will always be shown in the old viewer. Firefox users need to have the Greasemonkey add-on installed to use this script.

Google Chrome users can also install an extension called Facebook Lightbox Killer.

Another quick solution, that works on all browsers, is to simply reload [Press F5] the page when you are in ‘theater mode.’

These methods are not a permanent solution and will work only as long as Facebook keeps the old photo viewer on.

Download: facebook Photo Theater Killer

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