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How to Create Your Own Free RSS Feed Translation Service

RSS Translate is a Google Apps Script that allows you to create and deploy a free RSS Feed Translation Service. This script is useful if you want to offer your site’s RSS feed in multiple languages or if you want to subscribe to a foreign language blog in an RSS feed reader that doesn’t offer a native translation feature. Earlier we could do these using a third-party service that made use of Google Translation API, but since the API is no longer free, most free apps have closed.

The RSS Translate script is hosted on Google servers, so you’ll have a reliable service. And, as everything is saved and deployed in your own account, you can easily control who has access to it and, if needed, making changes to it.


So, here are the steps to set it up:

  1. Get the RSS Translate Google Script.
  2. Go to File > Make a copy, to save the script to your Google Drive. Now you should be able to edit the script.
  3. Replace the value of fromLang (line #4), toLang (line #7), and rssFeed (line #10) with your own values.
  4. Then go to File > Manage Versions and choose “Save a new version”. Description field is optional.
  5. Now publish the script to make it accessible by anyone (or just you). To do this, go to Publish > Deploy as Web App.
  6. Change feed access rights using the drop-down box to “Anyone, even Anonymous” under “Who has access to the app”, and click the Deploy button.
  7. That’s it. Google Script will now provide the link to your translated RSS feed. You can subscribe to it using a feed reader app like Google Reader, Flipboard, etc., or post it on your site for foreign visitors to subscribe to.

To translate another RSS feed, or the same feed to another language, follow the same steps again. Script via Labnol

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