Know If Your Yahoo Messenger Buddy is Really Offline or Invisible?

Yahoo Messenger provides users with the ability to remain invisible even when they are online. Staying so they can know if other users in their contact list are online and can also chat with them.

Now, if you have someone in your contact list that is always offline and if you have some doubts about them, here’s an online service that will help you know the truth.

YDetector is a free online service that is able to detect if a Yahoo Messenger user is actually offline or just in invisible mode.

I tested it out and you can see the result above. It detected my really status.

To use this service, all you need to do is enter the Yahoo ID of the user and it will show you whether they are offline or in invisible mode. No need of password or registration. It will also show you the display image of the user along their real status so you can know its actually them.

For quick access, the site keeps a list of all users, of whom you have already checked status of at the bottom-right side of the page. You can easily delete a user by just clicking on the “x” next to their name.

YDetector is available in 10 languages including English, Filipino, Romanian, Spanish and more.

Tell me if it works for you.

Visit: Y! Detector