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Get Back Old Twitter Layout with Tweets on the Left

Yesterday Twitter unveiled a completely revamped desktop web interface. The new interface is clean, easier to navigate and most notably faster than the exisiting one.

Twitter is reportedly said to be rolling out the new interface region wise, which unfortunately means it will take quite some time before you get the #NewNewTwitter web interface. But if you can’t wait that long, simply install the Twitter app on your iOS or Android device and you’ll get the new Twitter on the web as well. As simple as that!

Now that you have the #NewNewTwitter, you might have noticed that the Timeline is now on the right-hand side. Hate that, right? Now before you send out an angry tweet, check out the Fix Twitter: Move Content Pane Left user script from the geeks at How-to Geek.

This is a simple userscript that restores the old Twitter layout. After installing [link at the end of post] and refreshing the page, you will get the familiar Twitter layout back with the Timeline on the left side. That’s all this script does, flipping back what Twitter flipped. The new buttons are still there as are all the other new design functionalities. So you won’t be missing out on the new look.

Restored Twitter layout

Fix Twitter: Move Content Pane Left user script works on Chrome and Firefox, with Greasemonkey add-on installed.

Install: Fix Twitter: Move Content Pane Left user script [direct link] | via How-to Geek

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