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Turn Off Office 2013 Animations

Microsoft has added small animated effects across each Office 2013 applications. You can see the typing animation in Word, transition effect while moving between emails in Outlook, and various other places. They are visually attractive and work great – with the exception of the typing effect in Word. If you are someone who spend a lot of time in Microsoft Word, this effect can get distracting over continuous usage. While there’s no built-in option to turn the effect off, it is possible with a little Registry tweak.

To do so, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Common\Graphics, and create a new DWORD value named DisableAnimations. Then set its data value to 1, and you’re set.

Unfortunately, the change affects all Office 2013 applications, disabling all animations. There is no way to turn off animations on a per-application basis. So even if you like the Excel and Outlook effects – this change would stop those as well.

To reenable the animation, just change the value of the added DWORD to 0. Close all instance of Office applications and restart any to see animation again.

If you’d like ready-made scripts, download this ZIP file. Inside it you’ll find registry entry files for enabling and disabling the effect. Just merge the required file to your registry.

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