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Get Back White Google Navigation Bar, or Customize it to Any Color of your Choice

Google recently rolled out a new design change to its navigation bar that’s seen at the top of the page on many its products. Earlier the bar used to have a white background with blue font colors, whereas now it has a black background with grey font colors.

If you’re not that pleased with this change, then there’s a simple solution available in the form of a userscript to switch back to the original all white page layout.

The userscript, named as Google Light Navbar, reverts to the old navigation bar color persevering all links, and working as it used to. Below you can see the change in interface after installing the script.

Update: Now there’s also a Chrome extension available that does the same (minus custom color settings).

Navigation Bar After Installing Userscript

Now, if you are not happy with either black or white, and want a completely different colored navigation bar? The script has an answer for that as well. If you click on the settings(gear icon) button, you will see three new options added to the menu: Background, Foreground and Border. By using these options you can customize the color of the bar to anything you want.

Note: Color values needs to be inserted in the form of hex code.

Custom Google Navigation Bar Color

Google Light Navbar userscript works in Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

Get the script from the link below:

Install: Google Light Navbar

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