Customize Facebook by Removing Unwanted Elements, Changing Colors and More

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Minimalist for Facebook is another extension from Ansel Santosa, the developer behind ‘Minimalist for Gmail’, ‘Minimalist For Google Calendar’, and ‘Minimalist For Google Reader’ for Google Chrome browser.

Minimalist For Facebook
Minimalist For Facebook

Minimalist For Facebook lets you remove and tweak pretty much anything on the Facebook interface. Options include for changing Facebook’s color, making the Facebook toolbar and sidebar float,┬áremoving ads, Groups, Messages, Chat, Pokes, or anything else you don’t want on the page.

After installing the extension, you will be able to configure over 50 Facebook page elements from the extension’s configuration page. And once you are done with the configurations, it can also be exported and imported on other systems from the same window.

Install: Minimalist For Facebook for Google Chrome