Mozilla Firefox Download Manager Tweaks

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Here are some advanced tweaks for the Firefox download manager. To access these settings, enter about:config in the address bar of the browser. To modify a particular preference, enter the preference name into the filter field and double-click on it.

  • By default, any file you download with Firefox is automatically added to the Recent Documents list on Windows. To stop it from doing so, set value of to false.
  • Firefox maintains a full log of all files you download using it. You can change this setting to either clear downloads as soon as it completes, or keep it only for the current session. To modify, enter into the filter. Now, to remove files instantly on completion, set the value to 0, or to clear them on exit, set value to 1.
  • When you start downloading something, focus is automatically taken to the download manager window. If you prefer to start downloads in the background, search for and set its boolean value to true.
  • To close Download Manager on completion of download, set to true.
  • When a download completes, download manager taskbar button flashes two times, if you prefer to change this, set value of to the number of times you want. To flash only once, set it to 1 or to disable set value to 0.
  • Firefox displays an alert when download completes, by default each alert has an interval of 2 seconds (2000 milliseconds). So if two downloads complete within that amount of time, only one alert is displayed. If you wish to see alerts for both files, you can reduce this interval by modifying value of

Note: To reset a modified preference, simple right-click on it and choose ‘Reset.’

Download: Mozilla Firefox 63 Beta 9 (Windows-x64)