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2 Sites to Find Default IP, Username and Password of a Router

Routers are managed through an administrative account, but what if you forgot the login details? The next thing to do is to hard reset your router back to the default factory settings. Many router manufacturers set a default username and password, so what’s the default password? or does the model even have a default username? No need to wonder anymore. Here are two sites which provides the default username and password information of almost all router models available out there.


RouterIPAddress allows search and browsing of different routers by manufactures. As for the search, simply enter the router brand and model you are having into the search bar and hit search. It will then display all found results along with an image of the model to better identify. Click on “Details” to get further information about the model and the default IP, username and password.

Visit: RouterIPAddress

Router Passwords

Router Passwords is an another website with an extensive database of default router usernames and passwords. Here instead of searching, you need to select a manufacturer and click on “find password”. It will then list down all default usernames and passwords for that particular manufacturer.

Visit: Router Passwords

Once you find your router’s login details, immediately login and change the administrative password.

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