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Many people have the habit of throwing away the manuals of gadgets and appliances with the package soon after opening it as if it is some kind of unneeded thing that the manufacturers pack with the package itself. Later on when they have some kind of problem the only solution is to google it or call the customer care for a solution which may be already be depicted in the product manual. Now even if you have thrown away your product manual or lost it, this site can be a real life saver when you can’t find the manual. has over 5,600 brands and 1,400,000 user’s guides ranging from Appliance, Audio, Car, Motorcycle, Phone, Computer, Camera, Music, Sport, to name a few.. You can easily search for a manual by manufacturer, device model number or browse them alphabetically. After finding it, you can download the manual in PDF format, or open it directly in your browser. SafeManual site has the capability to upload manuals that are not listed. So if you happen to have a user manual that is not there on the site you can upload it but the manual has to be in PDF format and under 60MB. The site can be viewed in different languages, but that doesn’t mean all the manuals are available in different languages. Make sure you preview them before downloading.

Visit: SafeManuals