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Search & Find Old Facebook Status Updates, Wall posts and More

Finding old status updates or wall posts have never been easy on Facebook. It has improved with introduction of the Timeline feature, but still it’s good only if you know when exactly a post was published or else you will have to scroll through each year and month. This is what Archivedbook is good at.

Archivedbook is an online app that makes it possible to find all your old Facebook status updates, wall posts, checkins, uploaded videos and photos, shared links and a lot more in a matter of seconds. Archivedbook shows all your past activities on Facebook on a single page in a chronological order. You can sort this history stream by date, or number of likes or comments.


On the right of each post, you can see the total number of likes and comments a post has received and beside it is the permalink, so that you can view the post directly on Facebook.

To use Archivedbook, head over to its homepage and connect with your Facebook account. Once done, the app will start fetching your data from Facebook and present it to you in an organized way in a matter of seconds. Using the links at the top of the page, you can choose to see only those post types that you want.

From the drop-down menu, to the left of Wall link, you can also view any of your friend’s Facebook wall history.

Archivedbook is a handy app to view old updates on Facebook without having to download your entire data or scrolling through the timeline.

Try out Archivedbook at the below link and refresh your old memories.

Visit: Archivedbook

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