Two Ways to Find Out Who Deleted/Removed You From Friends on Facebook

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One day you notice that your friend count has dropped down from 239 to 236. Immediately you go through your friend list to find out which of your virtual friend dumped you, but you couldn’t find anyone missing there. As Facebook also doesn’t provide users with any kind of notifications of unfriending, the chances of you figuring out the person is thin.

In an earlier post I showed some tools using which you can Find Out When Someone Unfollows You on Twitter. Now here are two ways to know for Facebook.
Who deleted me is an online application that provides users with a free service to keep track of their Facebook friendships.

Visit the site and grant access to the application. Then it will start monitoring and alert you with an email whenever it detects any change. No configuration or any kind of installation required.


Unfriend Finder

This is a user script and it adds a new “Unfriends” link to the top bar in Facebook. It provides you with realtime alerts of unfriends and acts in the same way as other notifications (wall posts, new messages) does on Facebook. Whenever anyone unfriend/block you or deactivate their account, you will get a notification next to the “Unfriends” link.

Unfriend Finder is compatible with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera.

Install: Unfriend Finder

Both the tools are not retroactive, meaning that it only tracks unfriends after installation. If someone deleted you earlier it still remains a mystery.

Before you go questioning anyone for deleting you, consider the points below:

  • Why would you care if they deleted you?
  • Obviously, you don’t talk to them enough, or else you would have recognized who deleted you.
  • You can’t force someone to be friends with you.
  • Maybe they just don’t like you at all.

Don’t care unfriends! Leave the matter at that and move on.

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