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Sortbox, Create Rules to Automatically Sorts Files in Dropbox

Sortbox is a new web application for Dropbox that automatically sorts files into folders based on custom rules you create. Basically Sortbox works email filters – if a file matches a specific condition, it is automatically moved to the assigned folder.

Setup Sortbox on Dropbox

Head over to Sortbox website and authorize it access to your Dropbox account.

After connecting, the app adds a new folder named “Sortbox” inside Dropbox. This is the magic folder. Any file you add in here is automatically moved and organized based on the rules you define. Folder is checked for new files every 15 minutes.

Rules, or filters, can be created based on a file’s name, extension, or any other naming pattern. To give you a basic idea on creating rules, there are three pre-defined rules. You can create any number of rules you may need. And when a file matches one of your rules, Sortbox automatically moves the file to a folder of your choosing inside Dropbox.

As the webapp’s functionality is not limited to any particular folder, it need full access to your account.

Sortbox is a free app, and is a hassle free way to auto-organize and manage Dropbox folder. Hit the following link to try it now.

Visit: Sortbox

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