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Get Twitter Tweets Summary in Your Inbox with Digestly

If you are overwhelmed by the enormous amount of information available on Twitter but still want to be updated with tweets from from your favorite user? Here’s Digestly for you.

Digestly is a free service, using which you can subscribe to get a summary of tweets from any user straight in your inbox. The frequency of mails can be set to daily, weekly or even monthly summaries.

It’s pretty simple to use Digestly. Just visit the website, fill in the Twitter ID of the user you want to subscribe to and your email id, set the frequency of email updates and finally hit “Subscribe.” After registering, it will send a confirmation mail, you need to confirm that to start receiving updates.

You can subscribe to any number of users you want by following the same process. Subscription can be edited anytime by clicking on the link in the mails.

You can’t get real time updates using Digestly, but you can be sure to not miss a tweet by someone special.

Visit: Digestly

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