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How to Permanently Delete a Facebook Group?

A Facebook group can be deleted but unfortunately there’s no simple delete option available. In order to delete a group, first you have to remove all joined members and then finally remove yourself from the group. So the more members you have, the longer it takes to delete.

Here’s how to go about it:

First go to the group main page and click on “Edit Group.” On the next page, click on “Members” found on the left pane. All joined members are now shown. Here remove everyone from the group.

Note: Even if you are an administrator, you will not be able to remove the group creator.

After that return back to the group main page, and click on “Leave Group” to remove yourself. You will get a confirmation message as below:

Hit “Delete group.” That’s it!

The group will now be deleted and any join requests, if pending, are also deleted with it.

Q. How can you delete a group that has no admin?
A. A group is automatically deleted by Facebook when the last member has left. If you are the admin you can remove all the members and then quit yourself. If no admin is present, you could take the position or ask members to leave the group themselves.

Q. How do you delete yourself from a group somebody else made?
A. Simply go to the group and click on “leave group.” You will get a confirmation:

This will also prevent members from re-adding you.
If you ever want to rejoin, visit the group and click ask to join group.

Hit “Leave group” to confirm your removal.

Q. How to prevent anyone from joining the group without your authorization?
A. Go in “Edit Group” -> “Basic information.” In the privacy options choose “Closed” or “Secret“.

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