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Facebook today rolled out a revamped Profile page which emphasis on keeping things visually interesting for users.

Profile Introduction

The new profile now starts with a quick overview of basic information such as who you are, where you’re from, where you live now and more with a set of 5 of your recently tagged photos. Here, if you don’t like any of the photos displayed, you can easily hide it with a click on the “x” by hovering over the photo.

The Tab navigation has been moved and is now placed directly below the profile photo, which gives profiles a similar look to Place pages.

Featured Friends and Family

You now have the ability to feature your best friends, family members or anyone else who are an important part of your life on your profile, by creating a new list or by just adding an existing group. The list of friends appears in a vertical bar on the left side of the page below the tabs.

Share your experiences and interests

The new profile also gives you a new way to share your interests and activities by telling everyone how you spend your time, what projects you are working on at work, your favorite musicians and more. All your interests and activities are now represented with images and helps you better connect with friends who share similar interests. You can again edit this list by just dragging and dropping the images.

Improved Photo Viewing
You can browse through all your Photos now in a faster way with the introduction of a new “infinite scroll” feature.

The ‘Friends‘ tab has also gotten an overhaul. Click it, and you’ll now see a more attractive grid of your friends’ faces alongside a search box. Using this box, you can quickly find the people you’re looking for: just search by name, hometown, school or a number of other dimensions.

Features Video Preview:

These features are going to be rolled out slowly, but if you want to upgrade your profile right now, go to this page: After upgrading a ‘wizard’ will guide you through the new profile with some nifty popup and fade effects. This process only takes a minute or two to complete and then you can play with your new profile.

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