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Check If Your Gawker Password Got Hacked?

Gawker Media was hacked on Sunday and around 1.4 million usernames and passwords were stolen from the site and released over the web.

Use this new tool from Slate to quickly check if your account was compromised.

It scans your entered e-mail address or username against the list that was released on the Pirate Bay.

Simply enter your username or e-mail address and you may or may not get the following message:

“Your password was released, and it’s been decrypted. You should change it ASAP.”

Another method as shown by labnol is to visit this page, enter your email address in the input box and click on MD5. Copy the generated MD5 hash string of your email address. Then go here and click on “Show Options” and choose “MD5” from the drop-down.

Paste the MD5 string in the input box here and click Apply.

If your string is found, it’s best to change your password immediately.

An FAQ page on the Lifehacker blog provides more details about the compromised commenting accounts.

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