Check-Ins for Websites – OneTrueFan

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OneTrueFan is a Foursquare like service for websites. You need to install a browser extension and a browser bar will start tracking your Web visits. Each time you go to a new domain or subdomain, you get 10 points. For each visit to a subsequent new page, you get an additional point. If you have more points than any other fan, you are the One True Fan.

If you are taking this game pretty seriously, you can also get an e-mail notification if you either take the title from somebody, or lose it yourself. And each time you start a new browser session, the OneTrueFan bar will alert you that a transfer has taken place.

Users will also get 5 points for sharing content from OneTrueFan to sites like Twitter, Facebook, Delicious or any other. They will also be able to see a leaderboard of users who have been sharing content. All of this info can be seen on the bottom of a publisher’s website.

OneTrueFan is currently in private alpha. You can request for an invite at their homepage.