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Customize New Twitter Layout

Those who have used the new Twitter would have liked the fast new interface and features like Twitter Shortcuts but with the change your old customized profile may have also got spoiled. Twitter’s Profile Designer has still not been updated, so you are stuck with the old layout design. This can be irritating considering you might be looking for some new looks for the new twitter. So until Twitter team does something about that, you can use Themeleon as an alternative.

So what’s Themeleon? Well, Themeleon is a web application that allows users to customize their Twitter profile for free. You can use this to customize your new Twitter. Just login with your Twitter account and you can start customizing. Themeleon is officially endorsed by Twitter so you know it’s a quality, trusted web app.

Head over to Themeleon website and you’ll see a drop-down box with three options: Themes, Background and Layout and below that you will see a page that looks almost like a Twitter profile page. Now login into Themeleon with your twitter credentials and allow access to it.

Customizing your theme is pretty straight forward. Select from one of the pre-layout themes or design your own layout.

To set a custom background, either select one from a pattern or you can upload your own image. The image has to be less than 800 Kb.

Next, select your desired color palette for different page elements such as text, links, sidebar, etc. You can choose from pre-built color palettes or create your own.

A live preview is shown below of whatever change you do. After making all the desired changes hit “Save Profile“, you will then be lead to your Twitter homepage, on which Themeleon will suggest you to tweet a promotion message about Themeleon.

That’s it! 🙂

Visit: Themeleon

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