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Yahoo's YSlow Extension Now Available for Google Chrome

Most web developers are familiar with Yahoo’s YSlow tool, which analyze web pages and suggests users ways to improve their websites’ performance. Earlier this awesome tool was available only to Firefox users, however, today Yahoo has officially launched an extension for Google Chrome as well.

YSlow for Google Chrome looks and works similarly to the Firefox add-on and displays users with performance ratings and grades for a website. However, there are some new features in the Chrome extension, which includes the ability to compare YSlow results for multiple results.

Other feature highlights include:

  • User experience consistent with YSlow for Firefox.
  • Added the ability to detect post onload components, including for pages that prevent itself from being embedded and/or iframed. (experimental)
  • Support for 3 main rulesets: Default YSlow V2, Classic V1, and Small Site or Blog as well as the ability to create new ones based on these 3.
  • Offenders in CDN rule are now listed as domains only.
  • Runs multiple YSlow instances (new windows). This feature is excellent for comparing YSlow results for different pages side-by-side.

Download: YSlow from Chrome Web Store

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