Automatically Scroll Long Pages in Google Chrome with TelePrompter

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If you like reading long articles online but are tired of the continuous scrolling check out TelePrompter.

TelePrompter for Google Chrome

TelePrompter is a simple extension for Google Chrome that can autoscroll any webpage for you.

After installing the extension, simply double-click anywhere on the page and it will automatically start scrolling down for you. The extension also provides a slider, beneath the toolbar, which allows you to increase/decrease the scrolling speed on the fly.

You can further control the extension by changing the slider position, scroll speed, speed range, and completely hide the extension from its options page.

To summarize, the extension may not save you any time, but it does allow you to sit back and enjoy your reading without having to bother about mouse scrolling.

Download: TelePrompter from Chrome Web Store