Know Programs, Processes Preventing Safe Removal of USB Device

Dev Eject is a free, easy to use USB storage device manager that comes with some useful functionalities that the default Windows Safe Removal feature doesn’t provide.


There may be times when the safe device removal option fail because of some program or process accessing data on your USB device. The obvious solution to this is closing of the process accessing the drive. But it may not always be easy or possible to locate the exact process, and that’s where Dev Eject comes handy.

With Dev Eject, you can easily identify which exact process is blocking device removal and which file is being accessed. And once you get the list of running processes and files, you can easily close the programs right within the application interface and safely eject your device.

DevEject Locks

Once installed and run, Dev Eject lists all the connected devices. You can unplug or eject any device by clicking on individual device from the list and if it has any lock (running process) you can view that by clicking on the lock button.

You can set the application to start with Windows, enable auto update and also activate tray integration from the program’s settings.

Dev Eject is a nice alternative to the standard Windows Safe Removal feature, and it works on 32-bit and 64-bit versions of all Windows newer than XP.

Download: Dev Eject