Create Bootable Windows ISO Image From Setup Folder

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WBI Creator, or Windows Bootable Image Creator, is a free portable application that allows you to create bootable ISO image file of Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP from a setup folder. This is useful if you have a directly copied backup of your Windows installer disc on a local or external drive.

Windows Bootable Image Creator
Windows Bootable Image Creator

The created ISO image file can then be easily burned onto a disk using any CD burning software or with Windows 7 built-in Disk image burner tool.

How to Create an ISO Image?

To create an ISO image, launch WBI Creator and choose the operating system of which you have the setup files.

Once selected, enter a label for the CD/DVD. Then point the software to the source of the setup folder containing the Windows installer disc files and an output folder for saving the ISO image. Finally click on Go to start the ISO creation process.

That’s it. Wait for a couple of minutes while the ISO is created.

Once the process gets completed, you can burn this bootable ISO image to an optical disc or create a bootable USB flash drive. If you’d like to test if the ISO image works, you can use a portable app called MobaLiveCD.

Download: Windows Bootable Image Creator